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Episode 4: Who's Accountable for AI and its Risks?

Join Dave Trier, ModelOp’s Vice President of Product, and Pete Foley, CEO of ModelOp, for an enlightening discussion on AI accountability in the C-suite. Dave will delve into the complexities surrounding artificial intelligence and the imperative for clear accountability in today's fast-evolving technological landscape. Pete Foley, drawing on his extensive experience as Chief Executive at Infoblox, PortAuthority Technologies, and RingCube Technologies, will share insights on the rise of the Chief AI Officer, navigating AI Governance committees, and regulatory and risk developments.

Episode 3: The EU AI Act and Minimum Viable Governance

In this webinar, Dave Trier (ModelOp’s VP of Product) will help you gain a deeper understanding of the minimum viable governance capabilities required to safeguard your enterprise from AI risks, as well as provide a roadmap for implementing these critical capabilities within your organization. Whether you are at the early stages of your AI journey or looking to enhance your existing governance framework, this event is your opportunity to gain the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions and drive positive change within your organization.

Episode 2: AI Regulations in Healthcare, Pharma, and Biotech— Are You Ready?

The rapid evolution of AI in healthcare offers transformative tools and personalized treatment but also carries significant risks. Officials are developing regulations to ensure healthcare decision-making models do not violate patient rights or cause adverse outcomes. In this episode, we discuss the balance between innovation and responsible use of generative AI, and provide insights into implementing robust AI governance frameworks for regulatory professionals.

Episode 1: Real World Lessons on AI Governance Urgency & Risks of AI Gone Wrong

The speed with which Generative AI is being embraced and rushed into production by enterprises is head-spinning, and the end of the calendar year was ripe with headlines of “AI Gone Wrong”. This means the time to safeguard AI was yesterday. Join ModelOp’s VP of Product, Dave Trier, for a live webinar in which he’ll discuss three real world situations that stress the urgency for Enterprise AI governance from enterprise AI gone wrong. Dave will analyze current events in which enterprises failed to balance AI risk and reward and share AI Governance insights that he’s collected from conversations with over one hundred Fortune 500 executives over the past year.

AI Governance Leadership Summit 2023

This event, convening a community of AI, governance, risk, compliance, data, and security leaders from Fortune 500 companies and leading universities, will explore trends, strategies, and best practices on how to approach and implement AI Governance while navigating the challenges and opportunities related to generative AI

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A Mandate for Model Governance in the Age of AI

With the massive publicity of the recently launched ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been elevated to Board-level initiatives. While AI offers tremendous potential, it can also introduce significant business risks if not used and governed properly. Watch this impactful webinar where Liming Brotcke (Senior Director of Data Science at Ally Bank) and Dave Trier (VP of Product for ModelOp) give practical advice on how to get started in implementing a modern model governance framework in the Age of AI.

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