AI Governance RFP Template

Executive Visibility for AI

Executive Visibility for AI

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  • What is the ROI for my AI initiatives?
  • What models are in production?
  • Are models performing within business and risk thresholds?
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These documents are example RFPs

for addressing the functional requirements of AI Governance. These have been created as a result of interviews with several industry experts and analysts. AI Governance is required for successful AI/ML model operations across the enterprise.

Industry experts and analysts now recognize that model development and model operations are different disciplines, requiring different capabilities, tools and even teams.

Gartner defines Model Operations as:

Artificial intelligence (AI) model operationalization (ModelOps) is a set of capabilities that primarily focuses on the governance and the full life cycle management of all AI and decision models. This includes models based on machine learning (ML), knowledge graphs, rules, optimization, natural language techniques and agents. In contrast to MLOps (which focuses only on the operationalization of ML models) and AIOps (which is AI for IT operations), ModelOps focuses on operationalizing all AI and decision models.

Gartner Glossary
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