Who’s Accountable for AI and its Risks? Why Enterprise CEOs Need to Assign AI Ownership Now
Webinar | Tuesday, April 30th | 1pm ET
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What Is Your Organization's AI Maturity?

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Q1: Are the majority of your investments this year focused on making data accessible for data scientists and building models?
Q2: Are your main priorities for this year focused on pipelines and/or experiment management?
Q3: Is the data science team driving the production operations initiatives within a business unit?
Q4: For deployment, are you primarily looking for a deployment tool that only deploys models as docker containers?
Q5: Are your main “production operations” priorities centered on monitoring data drift and model performance, and retraining?
Q6: Is your desired state to have a centralized, enterprise group that owns the production operations of all models across all business units?
Q7: Do you have more than 3 model development tools across all business units?
Q8: Is there pressure from executives to provide holistic model governance across all business units?
Q9: Do you have more than 5 models being used 24x7?

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