ModelOps for Dummies

ModelOps is a new enterprise capability that integrates and automates all the business, technical, and compliance stakeholders and activities across the organization to ensure that AI models — and all types of models — are governed, operated efficiently, and monitored continuously, producing value while remaining compliant.

There’s never been a more exciting time for artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

After decades of unfulfilled dreams, AI has moved solidly into the mainstream, and organizations of all types are betting big on AI’s transformational power. But many organizations have struggled to see returns on their investments in AI, and worse, are seeing themselves falling behind others who seem to have cracked the code. As many have found, the problem isn’t so much in figuring out how to turn data into models that demonstrate the ability to create value but rather in getting those models out of development and into production where they can actually deliver value, and even more importantly, making sure that their models don’t bear risks that can damage or even sink the ship.

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