Who’s Accountable for AI and its Risks? Why Enterprise CEOs Need to Assign AI Ownership Now
Webinar | Tuesday, April 30th | 1pm ET
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Risk Leaders

Multiply your model validation workforce
by 30% or more with automation
Struggling to hire and retain model validators?
How can you shorten the time for model validation?
How many different processes are model risk teams using?
Don’t let the risk team become an impediment to operationalizing models.

It’s time to accelerate and scale model validation

ModelOp Risk Industrialization adds automations to the model validation process.
  • Standardize the model validation process across teams
  • Establish automated validation processes for the various types of model testing that needs to be performed
  • Create a risk platform by integrating model testing processes and data with your risk, IT and business systems
  • Automate the creation of design documents, breach reports and other types of documentation and reports that are part of the model validation process needed for your models, such as performance testing, sensitivity analysis, stress testing, benchmark testing
By using ModelOp Risk Industrialization to automate model validation, you will:
  • Accelerate time to productionize models by 50%
  • Increase model validator productivity by 30%
  • Reduce business risk with ongoing new insights into model risk and performance
  • Executive model risk and compliance dashboards keep you informed
  • Reduce operational expense by up to 30%

See how ModelOp Risk Industrialization can scale your model risk program.

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