February 2, 2024

BBSI Achieves Near Real-time Credit Scoring Updates with ModelOp

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Business Goal

As a leading credit and marketing information agency, serving the international wholesale produce and lumber industries, Blue Book Services, Inc. (BBSI) needed to keep their benchmark produce and lumber industry credit scores up-to-date.


BBSI relied heavily on a “by hand” multi-step process to update models. Their process included the manual assembly of data, emailing of files, and by-hand updating of the credit risk model results. Due in part to the process, there was limited ability to update credit scores in near real-time.


BBSI chose ModelOp to automate the model life cycle of their models with ModelOp to ensure accuracy and timely business outcomes.


  • Shorter, automated process to produce near real-time credit score updates
  • Total lower cost to update these credit scores
Our continuing relationship with ModelOp has delivered an invaluable impact on our business and our customers.” – Mark Erickson, Sr. Vice President at Blue Book Services
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