Good Decisions: Episode 6

 AI in Healthcare: Patient Quality of Care, Operational Efficiency, and Regulatory Compliance

Join Forrest Pascal for an in-depth discussion on how healthcare organizations are managing the risks of AI amidst a growing number of use cases and evolving regulations.

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In this webinar, Forrest Pascal leads a discussion on the risks and challenges of AI use cases in healthcare. As a former AI leader at Kaiser Permanente and now VP of Healthcare and Responsible AI at ModelOp, Forrest shares his expertise on navigating the complexities of AI Governance and health equity.

What You'll Learn

  • The impact of recent rules and regulations — such as the CMS 4201-F and ONC HTI-1 final rules
  • Strategies to drive patient quality and operational performance as AI use cases multiply
  • Best practices for ensuring compliance in AI healthcare applications
  • Insights into the unique challenges and opportunities in the healthcare sector

As the number of AI use cases explodes, along with the number of rules and regulations, you won't want to miss this opportunity to gain critical insights to innovate and protect your organization with AI Governance.

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