April 21, 2021

ModelOps in the News – April 2021

The latest news in the world of ModelOps, including the 2021 State of ModelOps Report. Articles from Forbes, AiThority, AI News, and more.
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“Your Company’s AI Initiative Needs To Be A Model Implementation”

Wayne Rash, April 15 2021

Artificial intelligence is all the rage in corporate IT these days. Organizations are using AI to make their operations more efficient, their data more useful and their predictions more accurate. But there’s more than just throwing some AI software at the problem. You need to give the AI something to work with. In other words, your AI software needs some sort of a goal and a set of procedures so that it knows the desired outcome. This set of goals and related procedures is considered a model. This is what the software looks at when it uses the data it has, and the information it derives to try to make operations closely match the ideal.



"First Annual ‘State of ModelOps’ Report Finds 80 Percent of Surveyed Executives View Managing Risk and Compliance as Key Barriers to Unlocking Value from AI"

April 19 2021


AI News

"State of ModelOps: 90% expect a dedicated budget within 12 months, 80% say risk-management is a key AI barrier"

Ryan Daws, April 16 2021

The first annual State of ModelOps report highlights some interesting trends about the real-world adoption of AI in enterprises.

Independent research firm Corinium Intelligence conducted the study on behalf of ModelOp and aims to summarise the state of model operationalisation today.

Stu Bailey, Co-Founder and Chief Enterprise AI Architect at ModelOp, said:
“As the report shows, enterprises increasingly view ModelOps as the key to ensuring operational excellence and maximising value from their AI initiatives, in the same way that DevOps, ITOps, and SecOps have for the development, IT, and cybersecurity sectors.”


Business of Data

"State of ModelOps 2021"

April 14 2021

How 100 AI-Focused Executives from Top Global Financial Services Companies are Developing Practices to Ensure Excellence as They Govern and Scale AI Initiatives

ModelOps is a must-have capability for enterprises seeking to operationalize AI, and this has become apparent in 2021. Enterprises are investing in their ModelOps functions and developing processes for governing, monitoring and managing AI models at scale.

This report summarizes the first ever research into the state of model operationalization. Our survey of 100 executives from top global financial services companies provides a unique snapshot of the practices large enterprises are using to govern and scale mission-critical AI initiatives.


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