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ModelOp Delivers Continuous, Automated Governance for AWS SageMaker Models

New integration with AWS SageMaker lets AI teams automate and enforce governance throughout the model life cycle

ModelOp, the pioneer of ModelOps software for enterprises, today announced new integration with AWS SageMaker models and services, enabling customers to continuously check for compliance and regulatory adherence, enforce risk controls and detect, track and remediate issues.

As organizations turn to the Cloud and AI to help them differentiate and improve their digital business, many organizations select AWS SageMaker services to build and deliver AI models faster. ModelOp Center, the leading ModelOps platform, complements and extends AWS SageMaker services by automating the governance of AWS SageMaker models running in production.

“Enterprises today need to track all of the steps, actions, and changes that occur during the life of AI models running in production and used for business decisioning,” says Dave Trier, Vice President of Product at ModelOp. “Regulators and compliance officers expect complete auditability and reproducibility of all operations throughout a model’s life cycle. ModelOp Center makes this possible for AWS SageMaker models, and all models across the enterprise.”

ModelOp Center automates the governance, monitoring and orchestration of AI models across platforms and teams, resulting in reliable, compliant and scalable AI initiatives. With this new AWS SageMaker integration, ModelOp Center’s automated governance workflow ensures that all AWS SageMaker models adhere to established business, risk and regulatory requirements. Models are monitored and governed throughout their life cycle to ensure complete auditability, visibility and reporting for any and all production models.

ModelOp Center’s micro-service architecture runs on AWS infrastructure services or any other cloud or on premises infrastructure of choice.

Visit ModelOp at the AWS Summit on May 12 and learn more about ModelOp Center and its integration with AWS SageMaker. Watch this short video for a quick overview of ModelOp Center integration with AWS SageMaker

About ModelOp:
ModelOp, the pioneer of ModelOps software, enables enterprises to address the critical governance and scale challenges necessary to fully unlock the transformational value of enterprise AI and Machine Learning investments. Core to any AI orchestration platform, G2000 companies use ModelOp Center to govern, monitor and orchestrate models across the enterprise and deliver reliable, compliant and scalable AI initiatives.


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