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Model Risk Industrialization Value Calculator


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Ave. Revenue Benefit per Model p.a. USD Average revenue (dollars) driven from the given model on a yearly basis
Total # of Models in the Organization Models Total current number of models in the organization
Average % Growth of New Models per Year % The % growth of NEW models that are produced in a given year
Average % of Models Requiring Revalidation % The average % of all models in the enterprise that require revalidation in a given year
Current MRM Headcount Headcount The current headcount dedicated to Model Risk Management
Average # of New Model Validations per Validator per Year Validations The average number of NEW models that a given validator can review in a given year
Average # of Model Revalidations per Validator per Year Revalidations The average number of models that a given validator can Re-validate in a given year
Total Annual Loaded Costs per Validator USD ($) The total annual loaded costs (salary, benefits, taxes, etc.) for a given Validator
% of MRM work that can be streamlined via ModelOp Center % The % of MRM repetetive/menial tasks that can be streamlined with ModelOp Center



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