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ModelOp Careers

Our Culture

As an organization, we believe strongly in our core values: hard work and a get-it-done mentality. ModelOp strives to be a great place to work through collaboration, teamwork, development, and fun. Our willingness to dig into work and deliver value to our customers allows you to make meaningful contributions and feel a shared sense of involvement in the company. Among other great benefits, ModelOp offers employees flexible working hours, unlimited vacation, a casual dress code, and medical, dental, vision, and HSA for families.

Join Our Team

As leaders in the ModelOps space, the team at ModelOp believes that finding the right talent to join our growing team is essential to our success. We are continually looking for forward thinking and collaborative individuals to join our fast growing company.


The Engineering Team is comprised of technical leaders with diverse backgrounds in mathematics, economics, philosophy, statistics, and computer science. The Engineering Team works to perfect our product ModelOp and to ensure customer satisfaction across the entire life cycle of their models. Help us to innovate new features and generate direct value.
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Sales & Marketing

As the Sales & Marketing Team, we are comprised of a tight-knit, creative and data-driven group of individuals that serve as the driving force behind the ModelOp brand. Help fuel our GTM team’s productivity with compelling lead generation campaigns and customer outreach.
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Data Science

Data science is at the forefront of our mission to revolutionize the way machine learning and predictive analytics gets built and deployed at scale in the large enterprise. Our data scientists interface with clients across a variety of verticals to provide expert insight and consulting around the whole model life cycle, from creation through deployment, and work closely with our engineering team to drive product roadmap and features.
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Customer Success

We have a maniacal focus to help our customers successfully adopt our products and services. Our responsibilities are a convergence of relationship management, transformative consulting, and expert services. A passion for customer success and driving customer outcomes is what sets us apart.
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