Product Demo: Govern Generative AI with the New ModelOp Center version 3.2

by Jay Combs, VP Marketing at ModelOp

Jay guides the go-to-market strategy at ModelOp and is responsible for demand generation, product marketing, and communications.

We’re proud to release ModelOp Center version 3.2, the first commercially available software that enables enterprises to safeguard Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI without stifling innovation. 3.2 builds on ModelOp’s existing governance support for all models — including regressions, Excel, and vendor models — by adding new capabilities to manage LLM ensembles, track value, chart and visualize risks, provide universal monitoring, and enforce governance controls through model life cycle automation.

Watch a demo of the new ModelOp Center version 3.2 hosted by ModelOp’s Dave Trier, VP of Product. The demo includes:

  • Intro: Overview of ModelOp Center and what’s new in version 3.2
  • Generative AI Inventory: How to classify use cases, models, and ensembles as LLMs
  • Generative AI Asset Management: How to manage prompt templates, RAILS, etc. for Generative AI asset tracking
  • Generative AI Testing & Monitoring: How to automate testing, monitoring, and documentation generation for Generative AI models
  • Q&A: Ask questions and get answers from the ModelOp team

Click here to download the slide deck.

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