Using ModelOps, a financial services company scales out

Mark Labbe, TechTarget – April 16, 2020

Exos, a provider of institutional finance services and vendor of a platform for B2B institutional finance, doesn’t have a big staff, but it’s getting bigger. The privately held firm, founded in 2018, has about 65 employees, and about half of them data scientists and engineers.

To meet its growth, Exos needed a ModelOps platform to deploy its models faster.

Exos [considered other options] when searching for a ModelOps platform, but found that the platforms from the big vendors were too “heavyweight” for Exos’ composable infrastructure, said Joe Squeri, founder and CTO/COO at Exos.

“We needed a tool that could fit into a narrower space than the big heavyweight products that are out there” and could still meet Exos’ model control and scaling needs, he continued.

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