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Software built for enterprise-scale ModelOps to power the model-driven enterprise.

Challenges to Scale AI

Ten years ago, most enterprises used one end-to-end platform for data, modeling, and production operations. Today, with the rapid pace of innovation of data science tools, combined with the explosion of new analytical use cases, enterprises face an exponential growth in the choice of technologies. Dozens of modeling workbenches. 100’s of combinations of data platforms, types, and structures. 100’s of new data science frameworks. Dozens of new business applications to consume models. Hybrid use of on-prem, cloud, and partner environments. Even the most advanced enterprises struggle.

Abstracting the Complexity of a Modern AI Architecture

ModelOp Center is the industry’s only enterprise ModelOps software that provides a unified approach across the modern heterogenous IT ecosystem to consistently deploy, monitor, and govern all of your models. Thousands of models. Any data science and execution platform. 24×7 operations. Robust governance and auditability. ModelOp Center puts your models in business.


ModelOp Center is designed by Operations experts for Operations practitioners, including critical capabilities required for IT operations teams to support data scientists and the business by getting models into business quickly, consistently, and reliably.

Model-Centric Approach

ModelOp Center utilizes standardized, powerful abstractions to enable long-term, uniform deployment success for the enterprise, integrating existing analytics and operations technologies, rather than a ‘rip and replace’ with a new end to end platform.


ModelOp Center is designed to automate model operations processes, from deployment, to custom regulatory requirements, to complex business rules to effectively manage a model within business SLA’s, eliminate manual processing, reducing risk, cost and model time to business.

An End-to-End Solution to Enable Models in Business

Deployment Services:

Streamlined Model On-Boarding via our Model-Centric Approach:

  • ModelOp Center enables a standard representation of a model and provides easy to use interfaces and collection capabilities to on-board ANY model. 
  • Plugins to common data science workbenches to facilitate faster model on-boarding

Automated Operationalization:

  • Powerful business process engine to automate the entire deployment process, integrating business-specific rules, conditions, reviews, and approvals
  • Automated dependency detection and management to streamline model packaging and ensure model reproducibility
  • Enables development of custom model lifecycles (MLC) to cater to the varying needs of the different teams, models, and/or regulations across the enterprise

Extensible architecture:

  • ModelOp Center leverages an extensible micro services architecture that allows for customization and integration into your existing IT investments: data platforms, data science workbenches, source code management, CI/CD tooling, etc.

Monitoring Services:

Flexible Model Execution:

  • Enables consistent execution of models, regardless of the underlying language or framework
  • Supports all varieties of model execution types: batch, streaming, request/response
  • Provides seamless integration of data pipelines without the need for modifying or re-coding the model’s “math”

Detailed Model Performance Monitoring

  • Comprehensive, real-time monitoring of model performance: statistical performance, data quality, data drift, infrastructure performance
  • Champion/Challenger: compare overall performance between two or more models to determine the best fit to drive maximum performance in Production.

    Governance Services:

    Robust Model Catalog:

    • Consistent collection and management of a model’s metadata, regardless of the model workbench, language, framework.
    • Robust model versioning, integrating with your existing source code management capabilities.

    End-to-End Model Lineage:

    • Collects and persists each detail about the model from inception to inference and continuous improvement for full auditability
    • Easy retrieve the complete model history, including the detailed metadata and data associated with the model, the detailed interactions taken on the model, and all prior versions of the model

    Model Interpretability:

    • Gain a deeper understanding of how models produced a given inference by viewing the detailed feature importance for each model.

    Command Center:

    24×7 Operations:

    • Operations-focused Command Center provides real-time visibility and control into the overall health and effectiveness of all models across the enterprise
    • Role-specific views
    • Integrates with existing IT support systems: ITIL support applications, infrastructure and application monitoring systems, alerting systems, etc. 

    Model Operations Metrics

    • Surfaces critical program and model-specific metrics and KPI’s: business KPI’s, deployment velocity, model performance, data performance, support team performance
    • Identifies bottlenecks in your model lifecycle processes

      It’s hard to sit and wait for a model to be operationalized when you know it could drive immediate business value.

      -Analytic Lead at Large Financial Services

      ModelOp Resources

      ModelOp is constantly providing resources to make installing and running ModelOp Center as simple and streamlined as possible. Check out a few resources or link to our product documentation.

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