Productionizing Analytic Models and Scalable Data Science Projects

Open Data Group is tearing down the barriers between analytic creation and IT production.  At Open Data Group, we make putting analytics and machine learning models into production simple with FastScore.

In this educational webinar you’ll learn how the FastScore tool solves the most common analytic to IT hand-off customer use cases.  Hosted by Open Data Group Product Manager Rehgan Avon.

Customer use cases that we’ll be solving for include:

  • How to maintain a continuously updated metric during model execution across all instances running
  • How to capture states to be referenced or used later, creating a pause and restart function
  • Allowing the user to feed data from multiple sources into a model and disperse data to multiple destinations
  • Feeding data into an analytic from multiple sources and providing scores or metrics from the analytic to multiple destinations
  • Using an original model to scale regardless of the language with multiple inputs in parallel