Building Machine Learning Capabilities Across Your Enterprise

According to Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018 “Machine Learning is giving organizations the power to classify and predict in ways workers cannot achieve alone”. However, Machine Learning is not an “out of the box solution” that just appears in an organization.

At Open Data Group, we have spent the last two years helping companies build out platforms to put machine learning models into production.  These systems, often referred to as Machine Learning as a Service initiatives bring Data Scientists, IT and Analytic Operations together to deploy & scale more models, more often, with better quality and greater efficiency.

This educational webinar “Building Machine Learning Capabilities Across Your Enterprise” co-hosted by Lead Data Scientist, Matthew Mahowald, and VP of Business Development, Garrett Long.

This first installment of our “Lab to Factory” series is focused on building Machine Learning capabilities across the enterprise.  Matthew and Garrett will help us understand:

  • The secular trends driving machine learning in today’s market
  • Challenges of implementing a Machine Learning Platform
  • Best Practices for build out of an MLaaS platform
  • Considerations for a future vision for Machine Learning in the enterprise