Model Visibility,
Model Auditability,
and AI Business Value

A 360 view of all models across the enterprise with ModelOp Center(PAT)

Drive top line value for your model-driven business

What is the ROI for my model-driven initiatives?
What models are in production?
Are models performing within business and risk thresholds?
With business tracking and visibility, you always know.
AI provides great risk or great reward
How you manage your AI and decision-making models is what makes the difference – not just the models themselves. Effective AI governance requires model visibility into all aspects of the model’s life cycle and operations. Otherwise your AI models will deliver more risk than value.
How we do it:
  • A 360 view of every AI model and project keeps executives and stakeholders informed of the health of their AI initiatives.
  • A comprehensive set of dashboards provides stakeholders a view that is most important to them — compliance, operations, business value, or problem support.
  • Integration with Tableau and Power BI provide the flexibility to easily create custom views.
Accountability through model auditability
AI is shifting decision making from supervised humans to unsupervised machines, creating gaps in business decision accountability. New AI regulations are designed to address these gaps, but without proper enforcement and model visibility, the problem remains.
How we do it:
  • Executive compliance and operational dashboards ensure you always know the state of model decisioning.
  • Automated breach reports identify critical issues and orchestration initiates immediate remediation.
  • Automated processes for the entire model life cycle deliver comprehensive model auditability, traceability, and reproducibility (who, what, when, where, why) for every production model across the enterprise.
Measuring business value
A successful AI strategy requires the ability to quantify the value of each AI project and the models that drive them. Without the proper insights, determining if models are meeting their intended business objectives and measuring ongoing business value, is difficult to impossible.
How we do it:
  • Track and visualize actual business value to ensure expected business contribution is continually being met.
  • Using a comprehensive set of business data, model metadata, and real-time monitoring, you can measure AI model business value at any point in time.
  • Ground truth along with historical effectiveness deliver insights into future business value of AI models so you always know if your model-driven business is on track.

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