Model Risk Management
Enforce controls and proactively pass audits
Model Risk Management
Enforce controls and proactively pass audits

Orchestrate and automate the governance of your production models with ModelOp Center

Manage Model Inventory

Maintain a comprehensive inventory of all production models

Control Risk

Real-time monitoring of model performance, retraining and re-validation

Gain Insights

Adhere to ethical, business and regulatory policies

Automate and orchestrate with an AI governance workflow

  • Integrates with MRM systems, IT Systems, Business Systems
  • Includes MRM requirements in model life cycle
  • Collects and maintains MRM metadata for auditability

Continuously monitor model performance against MRM-supplied conditions and controls

  • Automatically detects breaches to controls set by MRM team
  • Proactive alerts and notification to stakeholders
  • Remediate compliance and quality controls issues

Maintain a comprehensive and complete enterprise production model inventory

  • Manages documentation, test and training data, model source versions other artifacts in a central repository
  • Integrates with MRM and other governance systems to maintain a record of all steps and approvals
  • Manages all types of models using a standard model definition

Meet Our Risk Management Experts

“What you’ve been doing to manage model risk is simply no longer good enough.  A whole new framework for managing analytics op risk is needed, and fast.”

H.P. Bunaes

“The key to operationalizing model development and artificial intelligence in a responsible manner is getting your arms around having the right tool sets and knowledge to actually enable policy management.”

Avi Kalderon

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