ModelOps Value to Executives

Scale and Govern Enterprise AI Initiatives to Drive Business Value
ModelOps Value to Executives
Scale and Govern Enterprise AI Initiatives to Drive Business Value

A Critical Capability to Becoming Model-Driven

“AI model operationalization (ModelOps) is primarily focused on the governance and life cycle management of all AI and decision models (including models based on machine learning, knowledge graphs, rules, optimization, linguistics and agents). In contrast to MLOps, which focuses only on the operationalization of ML models, and AIOps which is AI for IT Operations, ModelOps focuses on the operationalization of all AI and decision models.” – GARTNER
Higher Profitability
Most organizations have gotten a handful of mission-critical models into production through brute force. Being model-driven means scaling this to hundreds, and then thousands, of models consumed 24×7 within production business processes. This requires an industrialized approach, enabled by ModelOps.
Reduced Regulatory and Business Risk
There are a number of well-documented cases where the lack of model governance has resulted in business losses and fines in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and regulators continue to look for ways to exert more oversight on the use of AI models. ModelOp’s governance capabilities allow enterprises to capture and apply policies across the model life cycle (MLC) to ensure they can effectively manage compliance and risk requirements related to analytic models, including bias and explainability.
Monitoring ICON
Increased Visibility and Transparency
Our proven methodology and process brings together organizational stakeholders around the MLC.

How Your Work Will Be Transformed

Often, the greatest challenge for executives driving a transformation initiative is getting teams across the enterprise to work well together. Being model-driven at scale requires effective collaboration between Data Science, IT, Operations and Business. The capabilities described here – governance, monitoring, process and technology automation – combine to support each of these organizations working together much more effectively, with clear accountabilities, SLAs, and reporting, freeing up the executives responsible for these organizations to focus on driving additional business results from their model-driven transformation.

How ModelOp Is Unique

We accelerate our customers model-driven journey by:
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Higher Profitability
Using our proven methodology and process to bring the organizational stakeholders around standard model operations life cycle
ModelOps Models into Business
Reduced regulatory and business risk
ModelOp Center, our core software platform, pre-built integrations, process, reporting, and dashboard templates
ModelOps Automation
Increased visibility and transparency
Focusing on speed to value getting priority models in business to then justify scale-out model operations investments

Explore the Impact of ModelOps

We have the experience and solution to help you harness the power of AI/ML at scale that will boost your core processes. Let’s create a unique solution together.