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Welcome Rehgan Avon to Open Data Group


We are excited to introduce Rehgan Avon as the newest addition to the Open Data Group (ODG) team.  Rehgan comes on board as a Product Manager, with a background in integrated systems engineering and a strong focus on analytical technology.  She has easily made the transition from data and systems engineering to product strategy.

“I am looking forward to working with an incredibly talented and experienced team to build innovative technology that fills a huge void within analytic companies.” – Rehgan Avon

She is also excited to build upon the customer-centric culture we have established here at ODG. While at ODG her main focus will be to ensure that our team is building and executing on the right vision for the market’s needs in model deployment. 

Rehgan’s previous experience has been fueled by a passion for early stage startups and product development. She has held Product Management positions at Clarivoy and StepOne, and also has experience as a Systems Engineer for United Airlines and a Simulation Engineer for Honda.

She has experience teaching Introduction to Data Science and Web Development courses to MBA programs nationally through an education startup company, Cognitir. She is also the founder and coordinator for the first Women in Analytics conference in Columbus, Ohio and co-chair of the Data Science Meetup. She remains active and involved in fostering collaboration around emerging analytical methods and technologies.

We can’t wait to see how she puts her unique perspective and experience to the test as she continues to contribute to ODG. Welcome aboard, Rehgan!


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