Q&A with IT Briefcase and Stu Bailey

Solving Complex Organizational Analytics Disconnects with Analytic Deployment Technology. 

Q&A IT BriefcaseAs more and more technologies hit the market in the coming months, weeks and days, the need for analytic deployment competency becomes increasingly important..  Companies looking to maintain a competitive advantage by introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning models into their product and services pipelines have an uphill battle in front of them.

Today, many companies are significantly limited by current market solutions and boxed in by monolithic platforms. Open Data Group’s solution to this challenge is an Analytic Deployment Technology called FastScore. This kind of technology that is emerging focuses on enabling Analytic and IT team’s to successfully shift from big data management to big data activation.

With this big change comes some big questions. Stu Bailey, CTO at Open Data Group, took a few minutes with IT Briefcase to share an exclusive interview on how enterprises can make analytic deployment a core competency vital to competing successfully in today’s business environment.

“As problems arise many organizations continue to gather massive data sets and develop more advanced analytic models to extract value from them, they are increasingly encountering barriers to production deployment, scale, and servicing.” – Stu Bailey.

Open Data Group is educating the industry by answering the most common deployment questions on the impact Analytic Deployment Technology, more specifically FastScore, is having on the market. The mission is clear – we must bring IT and Analytic Professionals together to deploy & scale more models, more often, with better quality and greater efficiency than ever.

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