Enterprise AI, Regime Change, and the ‘Corona Effect’

Stu Bailey, Mission Critical – July 2, 2020

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down is an understatement, made more so with each passing day. The impacts on daily lives — lockdowns, masks, the threat of grave illness, extraordinary economic dislocations and uncertainties, etc. — these are concrete and tangible to nearly everyone. But along with the many obvious changes that are taking place, a number of more subtle but equally powerful shifts are occurring that will have a profound impact on the way that AI will be viewed and used going forward by financial services companies and their customers.

For data science professionals, there’s been a stark wake-up call regarding the speed with which the world can change and how rapid change impacts the ability of AI to drive good decisions. Without frequent, rapid retraining and simulation, the value of an organization’s models and the impact of their decisions can be highly vulnerable to changes in the operating regime, especially if the changes are large, rapid, and without precedent.

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